WOWTRACE successfully applies Blockchain to the Traceability of Vietnamese Chocolate

WOWTRACE successfully applies Blockchain to the Traceability of Vietnamese Chocolate


L’indochine Chocolate is a premium chocolate brand produced in Vietnam. The taste and excellent quality of chocolate made from high-quality cocoa beans makes this brand stand out the market. The primary export market of L’indochine is Japan, which is known as a market that requires high standards of food quality. Moreover, L’indochine also dominates the domestic market for high-class chocolate with more than 150,000 products distributed in over 30 restaurants and 5-star hotels, and shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

Concentrate on product quality, L’indochine full focus on ensuring product quality throughout the supply chain from the materials, production processes, and the quality of finished products. All the materials are carefully selected from the best cocoa beans harvested in Phan Thiet-Binh Thuan, Vietnam. The production also strictly follows the food hygiene and safety standards and ensures the exact ratio of standard cocoa blends for each individual chocolate category is 50%, 61%, 70%, and 80%. Based on this product concentration philosophy, all products of L’indochine are high-quality chocolate that conquers the fastidious customers of the high-end market segment.

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However, before convincing customers to use their products, L’indochine must prove to customers that all their products are made in a comprehensive process in sorting and buying raw materials and producing products. This step helps reinforce customer confidence in products and brands. On the other hand,  how to ensure the uniformity in the quality of input materials, meeting food hygiene and safety standards in production is also a challenge for L’indochine. These issues have a close relationship with each other in branding and building consumer confidence because, without one element, the brand can easily lose its customers and revenues.

 L’indochine has solved all of these problems by collaborating with WOWTRACE to deploy a Blockchain-based Traceability solution for their supply chain. WOWTRACE’s solution helps L’indochine to control information flow optimally in storing and retrieving information accurately and quickly. Thereby they can fully control product quality and help their customers to check the product information.  Information of input materials will be updated on WOWTRACE with details about importing time, shipment, material quality. After that, information about processed materials and recorded production data are also updated on WOWTRACE’s system. When the products are finished, chocolate will be packaged and stuck with traceability QR codes on each product. When customers scan the code with any application on their smartphone, they will know all the information about the journey of the products.


Blockchain is the difference between WOWTRACE and other Traceability solutions, which are traditional centralized databases.  Information stored in a centralized system can be changed or deleted, then makes the information not transparent, and gains no value for businesses and consumers. Therefore, WOWTRACE applies Blockchain for storing and retrieving information because its immutable characteristic can make the data transparent and build customers’ trusts. Transparent information is the solid base for enterprises to manage information flow and production flow optimally, minimizing risks and waste and ensuring the quality throughout of product.

Another advantage for L’indochine when applying WOWTRACE is the document digitalization for better retrieving information and reducing manual work, thereby shortening processes and saving time. WOWTRACE can be used on a variety of platforms such as web, mobile devices, and laptops without installation. L’indochine’s staffs can update information about delivery and production just by scanning the QR code stuck on the products with a mobile phone or barcode scanner. Information will be automatically updated and stored on Blockchain with absolute transparency.

Since implementing WOWTRACE’s Traceability solution, the performance of L’indochine has increased significantly. They save more than 10% of costs and 23.8% of the time due to the reduction of traditional documents and data entry time, as well as information retrieval. Meanwhile, the quality and preservation of materials and products are more strictly controlled. Thus minimize the risks that reduce the quality of products in the process of transfer, storage, and delivery of goods.


Along with the increased productivity and reduced operating costs, L’indochine also brings much value to its customers. Now, just by scanning the QR code printed on each product, consumers can get the full information about how products origin and journey.  This also helps consumers avoid buying the wrong products, counterfeit brands of L’indochine. Then makes consumers more engaged and trust in the brand, as well as convinces consumers to be loyal to their brand based on transparent and trustworthy information.

“By applying Blockchain for traceability, we can demonstrate to customers the origin and quality of chocolate from L’indochine, thereby helping to build L’indochine’s brand and belief for with customers “- Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Production Manager, L’indochine Chocolate shared.



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