WOWTRACE – Transparent Traceability solution based on Blockchain

WOWTRACE – Transparent Traceability solution based on Blockchain


WOWTRACE is a comprehensive combination of advanced technologies AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data (ABCD) into traceability solution to increase the transparency of the origin of goods in the supply chain. Therefore, WOWTRACE brings several benefits to consumers and businesses.

WOWTRACE is developed on the Blockchain technology to increase transparency, security, and accuracy of information through immutable and unalternative characteristics. Besides, Cloud computing technology (Cloud) improves processing speed and stability to meet the needs of businesses which have large-scale production and management.

Not just a traceability solution, WOWTRACE also integrates IoT and AI to minimize errors, save the workforce, and better-predicting production. Furthermore, WOWTRACE system supports multi-platform (e.g.Android, iOS, Window) with a friendly interface, helping businesses quickly apply to the production process as well as training staff.

With the ability to enhance product data transparency, WOWTRACE delivers positive results in protecting customers from non-quality products while helping brands reduce the risk of counterfeiting and improving reputation.



Credential: Techtalk

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