WOWTRACE is honored to be mentioned on EDISI7 Malaysia

WOWTRACE is honored to be mentioned on EDISI7 Malaysia


At the Apparel and Fashion industries event held in Malaysia in October this year, WOWTRACE attracted lots of attention for providing solutions to help businesses control the supply chain and help brands fight with counterfeit goods in the market.


WOWTRACE has introduced its Blockchain-based traceability solution with practical applications that help improve the competitiveness of garment and fashion businesses. Blockchain-based traceability enables brands in the fashion industry to track the flow of information of the supply chain seamlessly and transparently. Thereby, enterprises can control the supply chain optimally, minimize unnecessary costs and waste, and ensure full compliance with environmental and social responsibility.



Moreover, the solution of WOWTRACE also helps consumers to avoid buying wrong products, fake products, and inferior quality products, therefore helping fashion and apparel businesses to prevent counterfeit and rampant products. WOWTRACE also demonstrated its solution at the event to help visitors understand how the Blockchain-based traceability solution operates and applies to the business operation. This gives business owners a comprehensive understanding and experience of how Blockchain will earn competitiveness for their businesses.


“WOWTRACE solution is developed on Blockchain platform to help businesses increase transparency, visibility, and efficiency in managing their supply chain. In the apparel industry, the solution of WOWTRACE also helps businesses prevent losses due to counterfeit products. WOWTRACE uses Blockchain in combining with other traceability and anti-counterfeit technologies like QR code, NFC, RFID to identify each unique item. For instance, if a consumer uses WOWTRACE to track product information via the QR attached to fake products, he will receive no information about the products and identify this product is counterfeit. Therefore, it leaves no room for imposters to fake the product and traceability information like what they did.” – Mr.Nguyen Duc Phuong Nam, Managing Director of WOWTRACE.


“The information about what they (the enterprise) do, the material that they used is not really get into the market and to the buyers in the proper way. So we just help them really show case that they’re doing such a good cost to help protect the earth and as well as the environment that we live by the way of showing information where the products are coming from” – Mr.Cris D Tran, Country Manager of Infinity Blockchain Venture (IBV) Malaysia, a partner of WOWTRACE answered the interview with EDISIS7.





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