Current traceability systems are developed on a centralized database system and updated manually by human. This leads to a lack of information transparency due to the nature of modifiable attributes. This kind of system is also difficult to recover when there is a data modification, or when an external attack happened.

WOWTRACE uses Blockchain for traceability. As a result, the information is updated independently by the parties and cannot be altered or deleted. Thereby, the data presented from WOWTRACE are always transparent, reliable with proof of time-stamp.

Traceability is a way of retrieving stored information for data analysis and management, and provides an overview of business activities.

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By applying Blockchain to store traceability information and product identification, WOWTRACE helps businesses to solve counterfeiting problems.

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Anti counterfeit

The current anti-counterfeiting solutions such as using anti-counterfeit stamps, bar code checking systems, serial checking numbers, etc. still cannot prevent counterfeit products because the information can be faked.

By using WOWTRACE solution, each product item will be uniquely identified by QR code or NFC technology. All parties in the supply chain can update information about manufacturers, shipping and distribution information on Blockchain. In this way, each item will have different traceability information based on the unique identity on Blockchain, thereby making it impossible to imitate.

Anti theft

High-value hardware devices like mobile phones, and computer components etc., are often victims of theft and fraudulent exchanging. This will make a serious impact on the company’s reputation, thereby affects consumer trust.

WOWTRACE can solve this problem with the Blockchain application. Hardware devices are identified and updated continuously with information about the status and ownership on Blockchain throughout the supply chain processes. This information is then securely protected by Blockchain. Therefore, companies can monitor and prevent unethical activities toward the products.

Stolen hardware devices is a prevalent problem in the areas of manufacturing and distribution.

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Warranty and after-sales services are essential services of businesses today. Blockchain helps companies to improve service quality and satisfy their customers.

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Mandatory activation for Hardware devices force

The authentication of warranty information, repair history, and customer reminders is a time-consuming process for both customers and businesses. Enterprises may have a system to manage this but many of them need to improve due to the lack of information to verify warranty and repair products.

Blockchain will help businesses to quickly identify products and customers and at the same time, track warranty and repair history to improve customer service. WOWTRACE solution will help enterprises to avoid product frauds, improve information accuracy and transparency.

Document digitalization

Insurance and financial verifications are complex and time-consuming. Customers have to submit documents for verification and the financial institutions have to authenticate the accuracy of these documents from time to time.

By using WOWTRACE to access Blockchain information, businesses can quickly verify the history and accuracy of the information to speed up procedures and increase customer service.

Blockchain technology helps to increase information accuracy and customer service with time-saving benefits.

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