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Food safety and hygiene is the biggest challenge of the current agricultural supply chain. This issue directly affects the health of consumers, and seriously affects brand prestige, impedes local products from exporting to global markets.

By applying Blockchain technology in tracking and tracing agricultural products, WOWTRACE enables consumers to have transparent information about the origin and quality of goods, paving the way for agricultural products to export to oversea markets.

Blockchain makes the information flow in the agricultural supply chain transparent, reduces wastes, and improves capacity in exporting agricultural products.

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Now with blockchain, consumers can stop worrying about the origin and quality of FMCG products they purchase for daily consumption.

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Lack of consumer demand forecasting, fake and counterfeit products, and product recall are typical problems in the FMCG supply chain.

The Blockchain key to solving these problems. With WOWTRACE, businesses will have a transparent and uninterrupted flow of information to help optimize supply chain management, provide consumers with reliable information and increases customer loyalty.


The Pharmaceutical industry requires close control of product quality and origin. To fully control the supply chain, the supply chain managers need a comprehensive information flow which is transparent and trackable.

Wowtrace Blockchain-based traceability solution provide sufficient information timely to control the end-to-end supply chain comprehensively. And let consumers get transparent information about the product’s origin to avoid using counterfeit or defective products.

WOWTRACE helps consumers authenticate product origin, enabling users to use pharmaceutical products safely.

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WOWTRACE’s traceability solution helps customers distinguish counterfeit products and helps businesses fully control their products.

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Electronic-hardware devices

The problems of counterfeiting, unfair competition in the supply chain, confirmation of warranty, and ensuring product quality are pain points for supply chain managers of electronics and hardware devices.

WOWTRACE can solve these problems with Blockchain. By making the information flow transparent, the supply chain managers can fully monitor the journey of the product, eliminate unfair competition in the supply chain, while helping customers avoid buying counterfeit, defective products.

Luxury products

High-value goods such as fashion, artworks, wine, etc. are often targeted by illegal counterfeiters, smugglers, and money launderers.

WOWTRACE, with the application of Blockchain for the traceability of high-value products, will help customers buy the original product, prove the product ownership on Blockchain with completely transparent and secure features.

Using Blockchain to store information about product origins, WOWTRACE prevents counterfeiting and endorses product ownership for customers.

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